As a progressive, responsible and dynamic business, Options takes the social and environmental impact of schemes seriously.

Our primary aim is to maximise the recovery of reusable materials from the waste we handle along with minimising the volume sent to landfill for disposal.

Our Recycling Facility (licensed by the Environment Agency) is one of the most advanced in the UK and represents significant investment in cutting edge sorting and recovery equipment and technologies.

Working in conjunction with WRAP (the government backed Waste & Resources Action Programme), Options now produces certificated recycled products made to the WRAP Quality Protocol specifications.

Recycled products include Blended Type 1 803, SHRB 840 and Pipe Bedding whilst we also supply primary and secondary aggregates from local sources.

The establishment of a dedicated Environmental Division within Options demonstrates our commitment to this aspect of our related disciplines. We never waste resources and can demonstrate how we are able to recover plastics, metals, wood, paper and concrete from the waste that we collect.