About us

Options has a straightforward aim to be recognised as the leading service provider for the Utilities, Communications, Highways & Traffic Management and Renewals sectors.

An integrated service

Our specialist understanding of developments and changes in the Utility markets, coupled with a skills-set which combines to deliver a holistic approach, means that customers can expect a one-stop-shop service for the provision of infrastructure.

We are able to identify utilities infrastructure procurement and solutions options including installation and potential adoption by host utilities, retention of private networks and installation by independent Infrastructure Service Providers (ISPs).

From feasibility through to construction we can provide the full range of services which customers require, including:

  • Feasibility
  • Programming
  • Liaison with statutory bodies and third parties
  • Cost analysis (primary and secondary)
  • Off-site reinforcement
  • Surveys, modelling, design and mapping
  • Project management
  • Construction